Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kate Middleton, reluctant style icon, will not appear in Vogue

The world is still obsessed with Kate Middleton's wardrobe, but the new Duchess of Cambridge may not want to be known as a style icon. Recently the fashion industry is buzzing about Middleton possibly appearing in Vogue magazine—supposedly Editor in Chief Anna Wintour had roped in Kate's engagement portrait photographer, Mario Testino, to make a potential photo shoot more comfortable for the future princess. “I haven’t seen a bad picture of her," Testino told Sky News. "I think he’s chosen well. Stylish, beautiful, charming, she fits the part perfectly. She is a very nice person as well.”

But now reporters at E! News say Middleton has no intentions of posing for Vogue. "Both William and Kate feel it would be wrong for Kate to promote herself as a fashion or style icon," a palace aide told E! News. "That's not what they are about and they take their royal duties far too seriously to, in one sense, trivialize them."

We respect that point of view, but the fact is Middleton is a style icon! She may not have attended London Fashion Week like her sister Pippa, but she clearly is interested in fashion and has a good sense of style. Princess Diana did a few photo shoots in her day, but perhaps the Duchess wants to prove herself first. "To be brutally honest, a request to sit down with The Times, the BBC or one of the major American networks to discuss the monarchy in general is one thing," the palace insider said. "For Kate to be photographed draped in the latest creation of a couture house to, knowingly or otherwise, self-promote her status as some sort of fashion horse is something quite different."
Apparently Queen Elizabeth is against the idea of a Vogue photo shoot as well. "Kate is keenly conscious that while her new grandmother-in-law may not chide her for appearing on a Vogue cover," the source said. "She would definitely not be amused, and Her Majesty is a real genius at making people squirm with simply a look or a 'tut, tut.'"

p/s: Do you think Kate Middleton should pose for Vogue or other fashion spreads? Or do you think she's doing the right thing by staying out of the fashion world?

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