Thursday, April 10, 2014


tuk mendua...
dengan dia...
padahal ku..

Hard Time

its hard for us..
we know its gonna be so hard for u..
take your time..
take your deep breath..
take your spirit..
make your desicion..
we will always be by your side..
day and night..
we love you more than you ever know..

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



nak bagitaw..
now i is very sensitip..
almost every night i cry..
sometimes i dono y i cry..
sometimes when hubby ask me why.. i also cry..
owh menggggg...
what to do..
seme mak mengandung memang cenggini ke..

hobi baru i is not coming to work...
i love to stay at home..
i eat very2 little.. roti gardenia is my favorite..
teh ais is my fav drink..
nasi is my enemy.. asa well as air masak..
i miss nasi so much );

i classified my own case as everytime sickness.. thou i sleeping i can wake up semata2 nak muntah ); then i cry again..
i cannot eat asam. but asam must always ada dlm handbag.. i donno why..

3month preggy my gusi is membengkak like besar gilosss... sampi demam2.. tahniah to my self.
owh one more, at 3 month preggy i dah scan my baby for 4 times. muahaaahaaha... i also have 3 due date. my 1st doc from sh. zubaidah clinic say my edd is 27.10.2014. (estimated based on size when she scan my boo) then i go to KK, doc told me 3.10.2014. (estimated based on my last period day) yesterday i went to meternity hosp. the doc told me my edd is 3.11.2014. (based on boo size again when she scan) so could anybody help me??when???

eh da apasal tulis dalam bi.. muahahahaha... very the diva..
malu la kat kawan2 asyik xdatang keje.. tp what to do.. mmg xboleh.. xde tenaga.. dah tu bila dtg keje mcm zombi dok tido kat tempat.. ); huwaaaaaa cepat la abis mabuk ni... perut besar cepat2 baby kuar cepat2 ok..

dah la. .. tu je nak bagitaw.. doakan i ngn baby boo sihat!!!muahhh!!