Friday, October 28, 2011

Tak de pape.

Sorry to say but today is not the day

Suami aku adalah seorang Workaholic?

My mr Hubby sangat la sibuk kebelakangan nie.. Tiap-tiap hari keje.. Ahad keje, Deepavali keje.. hari sabtu keje...hari2 keje..

Aku?? Memang la bosan.. Tapi tak per mr Hubby kan tengah berjihad..  Yela..kan dia tengah cari nafkah untuk isteri dia yang demoks nie.. Kalau orang tany senang jer aku cakap isteri dia kan makin demok.. makan kena makin banyak so kena la keje keras..

Sian my Hubby.. Terpaksa keje keras.. Sabar eh.. Love u sayang (=

p/s: Bukan selalu mr Hubby jadi cenggini...Lately jer.. Takper la nanti back to normal la kan.. so my mr Hubby bukan di katogeri workaholic ok (=



Dengan rasa rendah diri saya ingin mengumumkan bahawa belog ini sudah ada header...

Iya.. Itu sahaja yang saya nak ucapkan.


p/s: Yelah aku tau korang punya header gempaks2 tak macam aku punya. Tapi suka hati aku la kan.. Chill ya!!(=

Thursday, October 27, 2011

6 Steps to Skirting Holiday Debt

While the holidays are no doubt a time to celebrate with friends and family, there is such a thing as too much holiday cheer. In fact, last year the Consumer Reports Holiday Shopping Poll found that 13.6 million Americans are still juggling debt from last season after getting a little too into the gift-giving season.

To spare consumers from suffering the same fate in 2011, MainStreet talked to budgeting experts about the steps you can take now to make sure you don't accumulate too much debt come January.

Consider Hidden Expenses

"Planning for holiday spending should follow the framework you use for your overall financial life," says Suzanna de Baca, vice president of wealth strategies at Ameriprise Financial. She suggests consumers write down all of their anticipated expenses before setting a budget, though this written game plan should address more than just the gifts you plan on giving.

"Holidays are so much more than that," de Baca says, adding that consumers should consider including travel, food, parties and clothing for said parties to their list of expenses. Once you do this, you can prioritize spending and budget for each event you need to attend/throw in addition to each person you need to shop for, decreasing your chances of spending more money than you can afford.

Pursue All Shopping Alternatives

"It's important to start thinking about [holiday shopping] early," Clarky Davis, spokesperson for CareOne Debt Relief Services, tells MainStreet. She says that thinking about shopping options in the fall or even summer months can help consumers find cheaper gift alternatives. For instance, they may have time to visit thrift stores, other secondhand shops or off-price retailers to find low-priced designer items or brand names.

De Baca suggests looking into homemade gifts and considering buying things in bulk. For instance, she says "you can buy a case of wine" instead of heading out to the liquor store right before each holiday party you attend.

She also says you can make charitable donations in a person's name in lieu of gifts, since you don't have to assign a dollar amount to the gift.

Eat Out Less

A few months before the holidays, you can cut out certain expenses in an effort to save. One easy expense to cut out is your inclination to frequent restaurants, especially given all the holiday parties you'll be attending in November and December.

"Eating at home is a time-tested way to hold onto your dollars," says Kevin Gallegos, vice president of Freedom Debt Relief. "Funnel the savings to repay credit card or other debt or build a nest egg."

Don't Shop on an Empty Stomach

Once you are ready to hit the stores, you should be well-rested, well-fed and not in a rush to go anywhere else.

"When you're tired, hungry or rushed, you make snap decisions," Davis points out, and these aren't always good for your wallet. She suggests heading out early in the day or, better yet, before the season is officially under way, since you're less likely to be enticed by the holiday décor or purported discounts retailers advertise at the height of the holidays. What other factors can negatively influence your spending?

Put Away the Plastic

As much as it pains this reporter to admit it, you might want to go easy on the old credit card in the months leading up to the holidays.This is because, as de Baca puts it, a credit card "is the fastest way to get in an overspending situation."

"It's easier to stick to a budget if you only pay with cash," says Andrea Woroch, consumer savings expert for The Frugals, a network of savings websites that includes "Even debit cards make it easy to overspend, a fact that likely won't hit you until the monthly statement arrives. Having to part with actual greenbacks makes it much more real."

Go Easy on the Gift Cards

You also might want to skip out on overloading your shopping cart with gift cards, no matter how popular an item they may be. This is because gift cards proudly advertise just how much the purchaser has elected to spend on the recipient, and people may opt for a higher-priced piece of plastic in an attempt to not look cheap.

"[Consumers] may spend $25 instead of $20, $5 more than they intended to," Davis says. Instead, electing to buy a small gift without the price tag on it will help you stay within your allotted budget.

This article is part of a series related to being Financially Fit

p/s: Nape aku share pasai nie?? Yela kan sekarang AirAsia sangat mesra tiket. Dia rajin bagi rakyat Malaysia melancong.. So aku kongsi la tips2 untuk korang2 ngan diri aku sendiri gak (=

Archeologists believe shipwreck found off Japan belongs to Kublai Khan’s 13th-century “lost fleet”

Marine archeologists say that the ancient wreckage of a ship discovered in the seabed off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan, belongs to the ancient "lost fleet" of ships belonging to China's 13th century Mongol ruler Kublai Khan, CNN reports.
Explorers found the 20-meter-long shipwreck by using ultra-sound equipment some 25 meters off the coast of Nagasaki. The team of researchers buried the ultra-sound sensors about a meter deep in the sandy earth beneath the sea. Archeologists believe the ship dates back to 1281, and was part of a 4,400-vessel fleet that China's Mongol rulers during the Yuan Dynasty had employed as an invasion force.

The discovery of the ship's well preserved and mostly intact 12-meter-long keel "could go a long way to helping researchers identify all the characteristics of the 20-meter warship," CNN reported, citing the head of the research team that made the discovery.

"This discovery was of major importance for our research," Yoshifumi Ikeda, of Okinawa's University of the Ryukyus, said at a recent press conference in Nagasaki, according to the CNN report. "We are planning to expand search efforts and find further information that can help us restore the whole ship."

According to Japanese legend, two typhoons--known as the Kamikaze--that occurred seven years apart in the 13th century twice saved Japan from Mongol invasion by "destroy[ing] two separate Mongol invasions fleets so large they were not eclipsed until the D-Day landings of World War II," CNN reported. China was not so spared, however, and was ruled by the Mongol Yuan Dynasty from 1271-1368.

"According to a contemporary account cited in the book Khubilai Khan's Lost fleet: In Search of a Legendary Armada," by maritime archaeologist James P. Delgado, the typhoon's destruction of the over 4,000-vessel Yuan Dynasty invasion fleet created such a vast quantity of material wreckage "that 'a person could walk across from one point of land to another on a mass of wreckage,'" CNN reported.

The wooden-planked ship, originally believed to have been painted light gray, is among "more than 4,000 artifacts, including ceramic shards, bricks used for ballast, cannonballs and stone anchors [that] have been found in the vicinity of the wreck, linking it to the Yuan Dynasty invasion fleet," CNN reported.

Info: CNN

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aku scandal?

Kenapa tajuk nie yang aku piih??
Saja suka.

Apa rasa ada scandal eh?
Tak pun jadi scandal?
Mesti rasa cool kan..

Dapat jadi perempuan simpanan..
Dapat jadi anak ikan...

Ish..apa aku merepek nie??
Nie kesan terkejut teteiba dari tido setelah mendengar bunyi merecun yang piang piang piang...

Dan sekarang aku dengar aishiteru...lalaalallalalala

Sayang.. i Love u.. dun wory i tak de scandal okey.. and i know u pun macam i kan... Tapi kalau u ada scandal jugak camne?? i kasi potong sama u...hehehhehe.. Chillllll

p/s da puas merepek. Nak tito.. Nite (=

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Deepavali (=


Tu jer nak tulis.

p/s: KPDNKK sila pastikan harga barang tak naik ok. Apa segala jenis raya je harga barang pun nak naik. 
Haishhhhhhhh padaiyapppa!!

Malam nie mesti bunyi mercun pOOmmm..PooMMmmm...pOOmmm... aiyarkkkkkk....

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rumah itu..

Sangat merindui zaman di rumah papan berbumbung bocor bertangga batu berbilik air plastik itu )';
Aku merindui rumah itu..
Aku sangat merindui bau rumah itu..
Aku merindui keriangan itu..
Aku merindui saat-saat itu..

Andai dapat aku putar waktu ini...............

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..
Aku kalah dengan kerinduan ini di saat ini..


Marilah kita bermuhasabah atau menilai dan menghitung kembali tentang amalan harian kita. Kadang-kadang kita akan dapati amalan kita adalah terbalik atau bertentangan dari apa yang patut dilakukan dan dituntut oleh
Islam. Mungkin kita tidak sedar atau telah dilalaikan atau terikut-ikut dengan budaya hidup orang lain. Perhatikan apa yang dipaparkan dibawah sebagai contoh amalan yang terbalik:-

Amalan kenduri arwah beberapa malam yang dilakukan oleh keluarga simati selepas sesuatu kematian (malam pertama, kedua, ketiga, ketujuh dan seterusnya) adalah terbalik dari apa yang dianjurkan oleh Rasulullah di mana Rasulullah telah menganjurkan jiran tetangga memasak makanan untuk keluarga simati untuk meringankan kesusahan dan kesedihan mereka. Keluarga tersebut telah ditimpa kesedihan, terpaksa pula menyedia makanan dan belanja untuk mereka yang datang membaca tahlil. Tidakkah mereka yang
hadir makan kenduri tersebut khuatir kalau-kalau mereka termakan harta anak yatim yang ditinggalkan oleh simati atau harta peninggalan simati yang belum dibahagikan kepada yang berhak menurut Islam?

Kalau hadir ke kenduri walimatul urus (kenduri kahwin) orang kerap salam berisi (hadiah wang yang diberi semasa bersalam). Kalau tak ada duit nak dikepit dalam tangan, maka segan ia nak pergi makan kenduri. Tetapi kalau ia menziarah orang mati, tidak segan pula salam tak berisi. Sepatutnya kalau menziarah keluarga si matilah kita patut memberi sedekah. Kalau ke kenduri kahwin, tak bagi pun tak apa kerana tuan rumah panggil untuk diberi makan bukan untuk ia menambah pendapatan.

Ketika menghadiri majlis pemimpin negara kita berpakaian cantik kemas dan segak tetapi bila mengadap Allah baik di rumah maupun di masjid, pakaian lebih kurang saja bahkan ada yang tak berbaju. Tidakkah ini suatu perbuatan yang terbalik.

Kalau menjadi tetamu di rumah orang dan di beri jamuan, kita rasa segan nak makan sampai habis apa yang dihidangkan kerana rasa segan dan malu, sedangkan yang dituntut dibanyakkan makan dan dihabiskan apa yang dihidang supaya tuan rumah rasa gembira dan tidak membazir.

Kalau bersolat sunat di masjid amat rajin, tapi kalau di rumah, sangat malas. Sedangkan sebaik-baiknya solat sunat banyak dilakukan di rumah seperti yang dianjurkan oleh Rasulullah untuk mengelakkan rasa riak.

Bulan puasa adalah bulan mendidik nafsu termasuk nafsu makan yang berlebihan tetapi kebanyakan orang mengaku bahawa dalam carta perbelanjaan setiap rumah orang Islam akan kita dapati perbelanjaan di bulan puasa adalah yang tertinggi dalam setahun. Sedangkan sepatutnya perbelanjaan di bulan puasa yang terendah. Bukankah terbalik amalan kita?

Kalau nak mengerjakan haji, kebanyakan orang akan membuat kenduri sebelum bertolak ke Mekah dan apabila balik dari Mekah tak buat kenduripun. Anjuran berkenduri dalam Islam antaranya ialah kerana selamat dari bermusafir, maka dibuat kenduri, bukan kerana nak bermusafir, maka dibuat kenduri. Bukankah amalan ini terbalik? Atau kita mempunyai tujuan lain.

Semua ibubapa amat bimbang kalau-kalau anak mereka gagal dalam periksa. Maka dihantarlah ke kelas tuisyen walau pun banyak belanjanya. Tapi kalau anak tak boleh baca Quran atau solat, tak bimbang pula bahkan tak mahu hantar tuisyen baca Quran atau kelas khas mempelajari Islam. Kalau guru tuisyen sanggup dibayar sebulan RM200.00 tapi kepada Tok Guru Quran nak bayar RM15.00 sebulan pun menggeletar tangan. Bukankah terbalik amalan kita? Kita sepatutnya lebih berbimbang jika anak tidak dapat baca Al Quran atau bersolat dari tidak lulus periksa.

Kalau bekerja mengejar rezeki Allah tak kira siang malam, pagi petang, mesti pergi kerja. Hujan atau ribut tetap diharungi kerana hendak mematuhi peraturan kerja. Tapi ke rumah Allah (masjid) tak hujan, tak panas, tak ribut pun tetap tak datang ke masjid. Sungguh tak malu manusia begini, rezeki Allah diminta tapi nak ke rumahNya segan dan malas.

Seorang isteri kalau nak keluar rumah samada dengan suami atau tidak, bukan main lagi berhias. Tetapi kalau duduk di rumah, masyaAllah. Sedangkan yang dituntut seorang isteri itu berhias untuk suaminya, bukan berhias untuk orang lain. Perbuatan amalan yang terbalik ini membuatkan rumahtangga kurang bahagia.

p/s: Sekali sekala bagi peringatan sesama kita (=

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Samar Bayangan - Nicky Astria

Langkah semakin hilang jejak
Dihembus angin duka
Kini tinggal samar bayangan
Tak bisa lagi berdiri
'Tuk menatang cinta ini
Mengapa harus ku sendiri pertahankan
Cinta yang berdarah ini oh...

Hati masih merindu sedih
Walau hujan berapi
Membakar di bumi hatiku
Andainya putus katamu
Ingin pergi dariku cuma
Kau menyesali

Segalanya akan aku tempuhi
Biar pun sejuta duri
Menikam bisa hatiku
Menusuk pilu kalbuku
Akan aku teguh berdiri lagi oh..
Biarkanlah diriku sendiri
Hadapi kelukaan ini
'Kan ku sambut airmata ini
Walaupun pedihnya tiada terperi

Langkah semakin hilang jejak
Dihembus angin luka
Kini tinggal samar bayangan
Andainya putus katamu pergi
Tinggalkan daku cuma
Usahlah kau menyesali lagi

Monday, October 17, 2011

Perjalanan Baru

Hari nie my sis start keje baru..
Kebetulan tempat keje dia blkg ofis aku je..
So maknanya.....
Aku da der geng nak pegi balik keje..

Sebelum nie jadual travel aku adalah seperti berikut:

6.50pg   -   mr Hubby hantar ke LRT Taman Jaya              -   RM 0.00
7.05pg   -   Naik tren truuuuuussss ke Ampang Park          -   RM 2.70
7.50pg   -   Sampai Ampang Park amik cab ke ofis             -    RM 4.00

5.00pm  -   Tumpang ofismate ke KTM Sentul                  -  RM 0.00
                   Tumpang ofismate ke Ampang Park
5.50pm  -   Stesen Sentul ke Taman Dato Harun                -   RM 2.80     
                  Ampang Park ke KL Sentral                             -   RM 2.00
                  KL Sentral - Taman Dato Harun                       -   RM 2.10
6.30pm  -  Amik cab sampai umah                                     -   RM 6.00

So kesimpulannya tuptaptuptap dalam RM15 sehari ataupun RM 300.00 sebulan.. Heyyyybaat kan... duit..duit..

So memandangkan adik aku nie keje dekat ngan aku dan cousin aku pun keje situ dan cousin aku dengan baik hatinya ajak kami tumpang dia.. OOOwwhhh terima kasih lovely RADZLIANA NOOR (=

So sekarang aku ngan adik aku cuma amik cab pegi Seri Setia ngan tambang RM 3.40 jer... ngehngehngeh.. Jimat kan.. Alhamdulillah.. nanti kita tong tong duit minyak eh noi...

Tu je nak bagitau.. (=

Sunday, October 16, 2011

America's Five Most Haunted Hotels

If you're into things that go bump in the night, there is no better time of the year than Halloween to stay in a purportedly haunted hotel.

Paranormal tourism not only gives traveling ghost hunters a chance for an encounter with something otherworldly, ghost tours routinely provide a wealth of knowledge about the history of the town and establishment as well.

Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Springs, Ark.
Photo: Courtesy of the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa

MainStreet took a look at five of the most haunted hotels in America and their spooky stories. If you want to stay in a haunted hotel, book soon because Halloween will sneak up on you like a ... well, like a ghost.

Read on if you dare:

The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa
Eureka Springs, Ark.

Ghost tour leaders on the nightly excursions through the hotel tell visitors that the professional ghost hunters from the television show proclaimed this luxury hotel-turned-school-turned-cancer-hospital-turned-hotel as the third most haunted building they had ever investigated.

The hotel is one of the only places the team supposedly caught a full-bodied apparition on infrared camera. Those aren't the only cameras capturing spirits though, as guests routinely share photos of ghostly faces and orbs - round balls of light thought by some to be spirits. Many of the photos can be seen on the website or in the "ghost book" at the front desk.

One of the most playful ghosts to inhabit the grounds is Michael, a young Irish stonemason who came to America to help build the hotel. According to legend, when he leaned over the landing to see a pretty girl passing by, he fell to his death near room 218, one of the rooms with the most reported paranormal activity.

Another part of the hotel that is haunted involves the area on the 4th floor in which Dr. Baker, who wasn't actually a doctor, lived when he converted the hotel to a cancer hospital. Under his care in the 1930s and 40s, it is thought that nearly 300 residents died there. Baker, along with some of his patients and nurses, have reportedly been seen roaming the halls as ghosts. One patient has been seen numerous times fumbling for her keys outside of room 419. Recently, a little girl who was visiting the hotel with her parents began talking to someone in their room who the mother could not see. The parents concluded from the girl's description and reported conversation that she had seen Irene Castle, a famous ballroom dancer of the 1920s who was later depicted in a movie by Ginger Rogers. Castle frequented the hotel in her later years and died at her nearby home in 1969. Perhaps she is one of the spectral dancers who have been heard in the ballroom late at night.

The hotel also houses a former morgue where autopsies were performed and bodies were stored, with some reportedly taken and hidden on the grounds to conceal the actual mortality rate at the facility. Believers typically have some sort of experience at the hotel, say staff members and skeptics - well, they have been known to leave in a hurry in the middle of the night.

The Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio
Photo: Courtesy of the Buxton Inn

2. Buxton Inn
Granville, Ohio

Audrey and Orville Orr, owners of the Buxton Inn since 1972, said they never advertise their inn as haunted, but the stories of the ghosts that inhabit the 199-year-old building have gotten around, resulting in recognition by as one of The 10 Most Haunted Hotels in America.

Orville Orr said that when he and his wife first purchased the property, they didn't even want to talk about the strange happenings at the hotel, being of a conservative background. Even when he saw the apparitions for his own eyes, he says he didn't want to believe it. "I couldn't understand it."

The inn was originally a tavern and has operated continuously since 1812, on a major road heading west through which many supplies were traded and travelers passed. By 1972, there was talk of razing the building for a parking lot, but the Orrs stepped in and completed a full authentic restoration of the four buildings and 25 guest rooms.

Major Buxton was one of the owners and operators of the inn from 1865-1902 and can periodically still be spotted on the first floor of the main building. Ethel "Bonnie" Bounell was an owner from 1934-1960 and her favorite scent of gardenias can still sometimes be smelled wafting through the hallways.

The Orrs have long made peace with their permanent guests. "A psychic told us we don't want to get rid of them, they like coming back to visit," says Orville. The Orrs wish to respect their predecessors' dignity by not hyping the ghosts, but they don't mind when the curious come to see if they can experience them, too.

The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa, Denver
Photo: Courtesy of the Brown Palace Hotel & Spa

3. The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa

Built in 1892 by a well-known Denverite named Henry C. Brown, the Brown Palace Hotel & Spa has been a temporary stop for every president since Teddy Roosevelt, with the exception of Calvin Coolidge. The Beatles even have a suite named for them, as they stayed at the hotel during a tour stop in the 1960s.

Many believe the hotel has a connection to the "unsinkable" Molly Brown, the Denver socialite who survived the 1912 Titanic disaster, but that is just legend, says hotel management.

While none of their purported ghosts are believed to be legendary singers or former presidents, one is believed to be Louise Crawford Hill, another Denver socialite who took up residence there in the 1930s when the top two floors were converted to apartments.

The front desk has reported calls coming from Room 904, the room Hill occupied during the times when ghost tour operators are telling the story of her scandalous affair. It wouldn't be so creepy if the 9th floor hadn't been under renovation at the time, with the wires all stripped from the entire top two floors.

Others have reported seeing a train conductor wearing clothes from the turn of the century walking through the lobby. He is believed to be a visitor who came to the hotel when a train depot operated near the hotel. Still other visitors have reported gas fireplaces turning on by themselves and music emanating from the restaurant late at night.

The Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA
Photo: Courtesy of the Myrtles Plantation

4. The Myrtles Plantation
St. Francisville, La.

Many of the country's haunted places are in the historic southern states, and ghost hunters have long designated the Myrtles Plantation as one of the nation's most haunted. The plantation, built in 1796 by General David Bradford, was reportedly built on a former Native American burial ground and when Whiskey Dave's workers discovered them, he ordered them burned. That in itself is enough to bring on restless spirits, they say.

The most famous of ghosts who inhabit the Myrtles, however, is Chloe, a former slave who had a romance with Bradford's son-in-law. Scared of being banished from the home to the fields, the story goes, Chloe began eavesdropping on her lover's private conversations. Her lover and master caught her, drew a sword and cut off her ear. More desperate to show her worth to the family, she baked a poisoned birthday cake for one of the children, hoping to nurse the sick family members back to health. Instead, the wife and two of her children died.

Her fellow slaves, fearing retribution, lynched Chloe from a chandelier in one of the rooms, and since then is said to have been photographed numerous times at the inn, still wearing the turban she wore to cover her severed ear. The chandelier in that room has been reported to sway back and forth in the middle of the night for no reason as well.

Other ghosts, including children who died from then-incurable diseases, are also reported to roam the halls of the Myrtles. If you stay in one of the 11 guest rooms, make sure to book your spot on the ghost tour early and if you run across a woman wearing a turban or see balls rolling across the floor on their own, think nothing of it. The owners say their ghosts are harmless.

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego
Photo: Courtesy of Hotel del Coronado

5. Hotel del Coronado
San Diego

Built in 1888, the Hotel del Coronado was known in the late 19th century and early 20th century for a resort for anyone who was anyone and took months to travel the vast space between the East and West Coasts. The Hotel del Coronado even once had its own school to teach the children of their most long-term guests.

Since that era, some of those long-term guests have apparently never left, bringing their occupancy into the afterlife. One of the most famous of the hotel's ghosts is said to be Kate Morgan, a lovesick woman who checked into the hotel in 1892. She waited for five days for the love of her life to meet her; he never did and Kate was found dead at the bottom of an exterior staircase leading to the beach.

Since then, Kate's ghost has been reported on the beach and in the hotel, and when she is feeling particularly feisty she plays harmless pranks on guests, says the hotel's management.

Another hot spot for paranormal activity is the hotel gift shop, where crystal routinely flies off of the shelves and pictures fall off of the walls. The target seems to be souvenirs of the movie Some Like It Hot starring Marilyn Monroe, which was filmed at the hotel in 1958. Marilyn's ghost, perhaps? Hotel management doesn't think so. They believe whoever's ghost it is just doesn't like sharing the limelight with the 20th century beauty.

Info: YahOO


I get through the sleepless days of being a stay-at-home dad, freelance writer, and DIY remodeler with copious quantities of tea. I drink Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder tea in a big beer stein, which I believe to be quite manly.

I also hate to throw out anything I could reuse or recycle. So I scoured the Internet to find uses for used tea bags and tea, other than the primary functions of keeping me hydrated and awake. With thanks to “Reader’s Digest” and “Mental Floss” magazines, the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House,, and several bloggers and Web forums, here is the definitive list of other uses for tea.
We can’t vouch for all these home remedies, so let us know how they work. Also tell us if we missed anything.

1. Clean carpets: Clean up musty, dirty carpets by sprinkling dry, used green tea leaves on the carpet. Let them work their magic for about 10 minutes, then vacuum them up. Delicate Persian and Oriental rugs can also benefit from a sprinkling of tea leaves. In this case, sprinkle nearly dry, used whole tea leaves on the rugs, and gently sweep them away.

2. Shine wood floors: The tannins in black tea can help shine and color hardwood flooring. Follow your regular floor cleaning routine by carefully rubbing some brewed tea into the floor (don’t use too much water on hardwood flooring) and letting it air dry.

3. Polish furniture: Brewed tea also can help clean and shine wood furniture. The tannins in tea will re-color light spots and scratches in wood surfaces. Dip a soft cloth in a small amount of strongly-brewed tea, and use it to wipe down scratched tables, chairs, and more. Woodworker Jim McNamara suggested using "regular orange pekoe (Lipton's) or other dark tea" in Woodworker's Gazette.

4. Clean mirrors and windows: Tea can remove stubborn, greasy fingerprints from glass, and make it sparkle. Simply rub a damp teabag on the glass or fill a spray bottle with brewed tea.

5. Clean toilet stains: Rumor has it that used tea leaves can magically remove stubborn stains in the bottom of the toilet bowl. Just leave them in the toilet for several hours, then flush the toilet and brush the bowl.

6. Soothe a sunburn:  Tea can soothe sunburns and other minor burns. Dr. Oz suggests sponging sunburned skin with "cooled chamomile tea" for it's anti-inflammatory effect. Don't try this if skin is broken.

7. Soothe tired eyes: Warm, wet tea bags can reduce puffiness and soothe pain around tired eyes — and tea bags on your eyes look a little less ridiculous than cucumber slices.

8. Soothe bleeding gums:  After a tooth extraction or when an older child loses a tooth, try putting a cold, wet tea bag in the mouth where the tooth was lost and bite down on it. According to the Cleveland Clinic, "The tannic acid in tea helps healing blood clots to form (blood clots function similarly to a scab on an open wound). It can reduce bleeding and soothe pain."

9. Shine dry hair: Brewed tea makes a good conditioner for dry hair. Rinse with (unsweetened) tea and leave to dry for a while, then rinse again with water.

10. Improve skin:  The Mayo Clinic suggests that herbal tea ingredients chamomile and calendula can help soothe dermatitis when prepared as a topical cream. Consult with a qualified health practitioner before using these remedies.

11. Soothe acne: Some acne sufferers swear by washing their faces with green tea because of its mildly antiseptic properties. Dr. Andrew Weil suggests washing with calendula flower tea as a natural alternative to benzoyl peroxide.

12. Tenderize meat: Marinate tough meat in black tea to make it more tender.

13. Add to compost: Pouring strong tea into a compost bin will help speed up the process and encourage more friendly bacteria to grow, improving the compost.

14. Help houseplants: Occasionally use brewed tea instead of water to feed ferns and other houseplants that like rich, acidic soil. Spread used tea leaves around rosebushes, then add mulch and water. The tannic acid and other nutrients will benefit the plants. A few used teabags in the bottom of a planter can help the soil retain water, and adds valuable nutrients.

15. Dye fabrics: Green and black teas have long been used in dyes for fabric and paper, particularly for generating a beige, faux-antique look.

p/s: Banyak guna tea nie rupanya eh.. Boleh buat langkah penjimatan nie (=
Kredit: YahOO


TANPA berselindung di sebalik kata-kata, pasangan secantik dan sepadan, Shahz Jaszle dan Miera Liyana sudah pun merancang untuk bertunang dan seterusnya membina mahligai bahagia bersama-sama. Masing-masing sudah bersedia untuk memikul tanggungjawab dalam rumah tangga.

Walaupun usia Miera baru mencecah 19 tahun tetapi keyakinan yang diberikan oleh Shahz untuk menjadi suami dan ketua keluarga meyakinkan gadis tinggi lampai itu untuk menamatkan zaman solonya. Impian dan harapan murni mereka berdua juga mendapat restu kedua-dua belah keluarga. 

Ketika ditemui sewaktu menjalani penggambaran telefilem Teguh arahan MP Roslin di Serdang, Selangor, baru-baru ini, Miera memberitahu hatinya kembali tenang selepas dihambat kontroversi bermula dengan fesyen baju yang dipakainya dan pelakon Lash Mokhtar mendakwa mereka berdua dilamun cinta.
“Saya tidak kisah lagi orang mahu anggap saya seperti apa dan siapa saya. Baru-baru ini ada pula yang menuduh saya mabuk. Selepas bertemu semula dengan Shahz sehingga menimbulkan bibit cinta antara kami, hati dan perasaan saya lebih aman berbanding dulu.

“Tumpuan saya kini hanya pada cinta kami dan kerjaya seni. Kami sudah pun memikirkan untuk menyimpul ikatan hati yang lebih kukuh namun segalanya terpulang kepada ketentuan Allah SWT. Hidup ini mesti ada perancangan di samping berdoa kepada-Nya, mohon diberikan yang terbaik.
“Kalau ikut kata hati kami berdua, perkara yang baik itu mahu disegerakan. Jangan bimbang apabila sahih kami akan bertunang dan tarikh dah dapat, akan saya beritahu pada semua. Tiada apa yang mahu dirahsiakan malah kami mohon doakan kebahagiaan kami,” katanya.
Ini bukan kali pertama mereka berlakon bersama-sama. Miera dan Shahz pernah berkongsi lokasi dalam drama on-line GUA, Luna Fantasiku dan filem Rentaz.

p/s: Bukan Shahz Jaszle nie tak suka pompuan melayu ker???ttttteeeettttt.. Lain kali jangan meludah merata2 yea (=


Penduduk Kampung Parit Sempadan, Parit Raja di sini gempar pagi semalam dengan penemuan satu objek misteri yang dikafan seperti pocong di sebatang jalan menghala ke rumah seorang penduduk di situ.

Objek sepanjang 15 sentimeter itu ditemui oleh seorang penduduk kampung yang berjalan kaki menghantar anaknya untuk belajar mengaji kira-kira pukul 8.30 pagi.
Seorang pesara kerajaan yang hanya mahu dikenali sebagai Haji Mat memberitahu, sebaik sahaja dimaklumkan mengenai penemuan objek misteri itu, dia bergegas ke tempat kejadian.
Katanya, ia dibungkus dengan kain putih dan diikat seperti jenazah sebelum diletakkan di pangkal pokok yang terletak hanya kira-kira 50 meter dari rumahnya.
Di sebalik penemuan itu, dia percaya ada kemungkinan perbuatan itu dilakukan oleh pihak tertentu dengan niat untuk mengugut keluarganya.
“Saya berdebar-debar apabila melihat objek berbentuk pocong itu kerana percaya ia adalah amaran kepada keluarga saya,” katanya ketika ditemui di rumahnya di sini semalam.
Haji Mat memberitahu, kejadian pelik itu adalah yang pertama kali ke atas keluarganya sejak menetap di kampung itu pada tahun 1973.

p/s: Takutnyeeeeeeeeee.. korang takut tak?

Bahasew apew niew - Pelik tapi benar

Ok.. aku tau aku tak patut campur hal korang kan..
Masing2 punya wall
Suka hati la kan..
Tapi nie blog aku, so suka hati aku nak komen apa..

Apa pulak yang buat aku tak tahan sangat nie agaknya yea..
Jom kita baca..

Situasi 1
bkn mean(main) laie (lg) kau berentam...stakat ckp blakang x gne.smbg dye(dia) la tiptop..last2 aper pown x der.blea (blh la) than la dye pnye smbg.nk knceng duck2 (bdk2) blea la adeq...ha3x.klaka la duck ny pnye cter.. - Ni jer aku reti translate. Makin lama makin tak faham!!!!

Situasi 2
x ske tol la pngaie duck2 ny...ske kater blakang...klu banie ngat ckp la kes ckp blakang2 ny..biler tnyer xnk ngaku...yg x blea bla nyer mke pompuan ny puchat n takowt biler kiter tnye dye...yg laie cokwang 2 laq what mke x b'slh n what mke baeq laq.hahaha...adooiieee...tol2 kampong lar..bia aku ny ha..jht2 pown aku ckp dpn..x kutok blakang..emrh..aceahh...konon2 aku baeq la ny..:)peace..saper mkn cyly dye t'raser pds..♥

Situasi 3
Kpd kwn2 n yg m'genaly dyla,dyla m'nyuson 10 jary m'm0h0n k'ampunan kl02 der what slh n slp at kaurang semue..slamat m'nyamb0t ary rayer aidil fitri maap zaher baten..:-)

Situasi 4
klu takowt laky kau kne sapu jge la laky kau elok2...ny x...laky kau dh la pngaie cm ****.pas 2 ske2 aty kau jer nk serang2 owang..tol2 **** pnye pompuan.geram nyer aku...lean kaly eikat laky kau at kaky kau 2,bru dye x kco owang..ha3x..klaka la kau ny..bkn zaman dye dh nk serang2 owang ny adeq oie...ha3x.peace♥

Macam nie la senang citer.. Aku nie perempuan melayu dari kampung. Sumpah memang aku tak leh catch up apa yang korang nak sampaikan. Boleh tak guna bahasa melayu yang mudah??
Kesian la kat aku yang suka menyibuk nie.. Tak faham apa korang

p/s: Agak2nya dalam exam (selalunya student2 lg yg guna bahasa2 pelik tapi benar nie) pun diaorag nie buat karangan guna bahasa nie ke?? Sungguh aku makin tak faham!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kisah Perjalanan Ismail Lepat atau Ismail Ariffin

>Bro Ismail Lepat tengah sharing pasal ketidakpuasan hati dan kedukaan beliau<

Korang semua pernah ternampak tak video di atas di YouTube ataupun di Facebook mungkin?! Itulah luahan perasaan Brother Ismail Lepat ataupun nama sebenarnya Ismail Ariffin mengenai ketidakadilan yang menimpa dirinya mengenai kes beliau pada 13 tahun yang lepas. Papepon aku yakin mungkin ada yang tak berminat nak tengok video di atas memandangkan duration pun dah sejam lebih kan?! Tapi aku strongly menyeru korang semua untuk tengok video nie sebab video nie mungkin lebih banyak mencetuskan soalan berbanding jawapan dalam semua perkara. Fikir3!! (^_^)/

Kes Ismail Lepat>Ismail Lepat ataupun Ismail Ariffin bersama Siti Aminah 3 tahun lepas<

Ismail Ariffin ataupun Ismail Lepat adalah seorang kartunis jalanan yang sekarang nie menetap di Bremen, Germany. Kalau aku tahu pasal Abang Ismail Lepat nie sebelum aku turun Germany, sah-sah aku pergi lawat beliau. Oh ya, bagi sesiapa yang mungkin tak ada idea langsung pasal Ismail Lepat ataupun Ismail Ariffin nie, ikutilah kronologi kes beliau di bawah :

• Ismail Ariffin (Ismail Lepat) berkahwin dengan Aisyah Jane Abdullah ataupun nama sebenarnya ialah Jane Brummit dan dikurniakan dengan seorang anak bernama Sunni Sazali lebih kurang 14 tahun yang lepas yang dilahirkan di Malaysia
• Mac 1996 : Aisyah Jane melarikan anak Ismail Ariffin (Ismail Lepat) yakni Sunni Sazali ke England dan kemudian Ismail Lepat mengikuti jejak mereka ke England. Ismail Lepat membawa lari Sunni ke Amsterdam dan seterusnya ke Pulau Pinang pada Oktober 1996
• Keluarga Aisyah Jane Brummit berjaya mendapatkan perintah Mahkamah Crown di Winchester supaya Ismail Lepat memulangkan semula Sunni. Aisyah Jane Brummit kemudian kembali ke Malaysia bagi mendapatkan hak penjagaan Sunni daripada Mahkamah Syariah Pulau Pinang. Kes penjagaan anak itu ditangguh pada bulan Jun 1997.
• Pada 1 April 1997, Mahkamah Syariah Pulau Pinang menetapkan Aisyah Jane Brummit hanya boleh berjumpa anaknya seminggu sekali di Balai Polis Lebuh Pantai, Pulau Pinang sebelum kes hak penjagaan ke atas Sunni diputuskan.
• 5 Julai 1997 : Sunni dilarikan oleh Aisyah Jane Brummit semasa Sunni berada di dalam Custody Mahkamah Syariah Pulau Pinang dengan menyeberangi sempadan di pintu Bukit Kayu Hitam
• Menurut Berita Harian 18 Mac 2010, menurut kenyataan Ketua Polis Negara pada ketika itu, polis tidak pernah menutup kertas siasatan kes bekas isteri Ismail Ariffin (Ismail Lepat), Aisyah Jane Brummit yang melarikan anak mereka, Sunni ke England 13 tahun yang lepas. Siasatan kes berkenaan adalah berdasarkan Seksyen 363 Kanun Keseksaan iaitu culik daripada penjagaan sah dan jika disabitkan kesalahan, boleh dipenjarakan sehingga tujuh tahun.
• Ismail Ariffin ataupun Ismail Lepat kini menetap di Bremen, Germany bersama isteri barunya, Nor Azlina Ceasar Abdullah dan terus bergiat aktif sebagai seorang pemuzik dan pelukis jalanan.

>Siti Aminah : Anak Ismail Lepat yang sekarang<

Kes Ismail Lepat>Ini pula adalah Myspace kepunyaan Abang Ismail Ariffin (Ismail Lepat)<

Kes Ismail Lepat>Artikel Berita Harian bertarikh 13 Mac 2010 mengenai kes Ismail Lepat<

Kes Ismail Lepat>Mungkinkah ini Facebook Jane Brummit yakni bekas isteri Ismail Lepat?!<

Itulah sedikit sebanyak kisah pahit dan liku-liku disebalik kehidupan seorang pelukis jalanan biasa yang bernama Ismail Ariffin ataupun Ismail Lepat dalam usaha untuk mendapatkan anak kesayangan beliau semula : Sunni. Sebagai insan ataupun orang biasa, usaha beliau lagi payah dan terus ditekan sehingga sampai ke limit. Oh ya, segala data dan maklumat yang aku sharing di sini adalah input daripada kajian aku sendiri serta sumbangan info dan data daripada BeritaSemasa dan Abang Kamato yang pernah menemu bual Ismail Ariffin ataupun Ismail Lepat 3 tahun yang lepas. Bagi sesiapa yang tak tengok lagi video itu, bolehlah rujuk seketika luahan hati Abang Ismail Ariffin ataupun Ismail Lepat nie. Paling aku ingat ayat beliau ialah : ‎"perjuangan berdasarkan pengenalan hakikat.." Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

*Aku cuba seaccurate mungkin dalam memberi info kepada semua : silap bagitau*
[Harap disebarkan mengenai isu ataupun kes Ismail Ariffin atau Ismail Lepat nie : Fikirkan!]

p/s: Atas nama sebuah kesedaran aku pilih untu share info ini.. Buat Lepat, teruskan perjuangan (=

My Kad Baru??

Biar betik??
Januari nie JPN akan kuarkan my kad baru??
Hurmmm.. jawabnya nak kena beratur panjang2 lagi la nie?

Agak2 korang.. Kali nie kena gertak lagi tak??
Ala kena gertak konon nak kena bayar RM 100 kalau tak tukar my kad baru..
Macam dulu-dulu tu.
Macam iye2 nak kenakan tindakan
Sampaikan aku kena beratur seawal jam 5 pagi dekat JPN Damansara
Sebab takut kena denda!!
Nasib la time tu ngah hangat bercinta ngan mr Hubby..
Redha je dia datang kul 4 pagi nak bawa aku pegi JPN
Tima kasih sayang (=

Last2 haremmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
Marah nie!
Mau tak marah!
Tipu aku memang la aku marah.
Lain kali kalau kata nak ambil tindakan AMBIL la tindakan ok (=

MARAH NIE!!!ggggrrrrrggggrrrrr...

TERIMA KASIH my lovely Mak Mertua

Hari nie walaupun ditinggal suami yang ke Penang dan agak sedih.. ada yang sonok..
Hubby ada call masa tenghari cakap my mil nak datang..
Aku pun ok jer,, cuma aku tak sihat..
Agak regret nanti tak dapat layan my mil..

Dalam pukul 630 my bil call...
Bil: Su ada kat umah ta
Aku: Ada
Bil: Nah cakap ngan mak

Mil: Su...Tido ker..mak kat bawah nie..
Aku: Tak la mak.. ngah tengok tb..datang la mak..
Mil: Mak tak larat nak naik tangga..mak kat bawah nie..
PAPPPP... my mil cut line.. Aku siap2 turun bawah,..

Sumpah aku kesian kat mil aku.. Yela dia dah tak larat..
Memang la tak larat nak panjat tangga ke tingkat 3 umah aku nie..
Mak.. Su minta maaf susahkan mak.. sob..sob..
Nanti Su ajak mr Hubby cari umah bawah yea..

Aku turun terus pi jumpa mil..

Mil: Mak tak larat nie.. Jumpa sini je la yea.. Engko sihat ker..
Aku: Sian mak.. Su demam nie..
Mil: Makan ubat dah? Tadi mak calll aki..dia kata pegi Penang.. Erin kawin..
Aku: Dah.. aah tak sihat..duk umah jer..

Dan my bil datang bawak bekal!!!!
Yeay..yeay... nie yang aku suka nie..
Nyum..nyum... aku dah la tadi goreng telur jer makan ngn nasi.. Yela kan mr Hubby takder..malas aku nk masak lauk.

Aku: Waaa..susah mak jer.. (Padahal hati berbunga2)
Mil: Tak per..mak bawak untuk adik skali tadi..Ok la..mak nak balik dah nie..

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa....kejap je dah nak balik......
Salam..peluk..cium mil.. pastu salam bil.. diaorang pun balik...
Normally memang macam tu..

My mil was super duper great mother!!(Just like my mom of cos!)
Dia memang selalu datang jenguk aku ngan mr Hubby (Memang tak guna punya menantu nie!Mak pulak datang jengok kan!)
Dan.. the best part is BEKAL! Tiap kali datang mesti ada bekal..

Masakan my mil memang soDap!!(sesedap masakan mak aku ok! Penah ke ada orang cakap masakan mak dia tak sedap??selalunya masakan mak adalah yang terbaik kat dunia kannnnn!)
So masa my bil bagi bekal tu tadi memang berbunga2 hati aku..
Tak sabar nak makan..

Mak.. terima kasih sebab terima su dalam keluarga mak..
Walau  su nie menantu yang malas masak..
Walau su nie menantu yang malas tolong mak..
Walau su nie menantu yang suka lawan cakap anak mak..
Mak tetap sayang su macam anak mak..*touchingnya rasa*
Su janji su akan sayang anak mak macammana mak sayang su..
Buat abah mentua, abg ipr,  kakak ipar (biras), adik ipar, adik ipar (biras) dan anak2 sedara yang 4 orang tu Momoi, Angah, Noin ngan Balqis sayang korang sangat2.. Korang memang super duper best!!!

So..entry nie nanti aku nak publish kat wall sil aku. Kak Nadia.. Dia kat Sarawak.. Nak kasi dia jeles sikit.. Ngeh..ngeh..ngeh... TAPI my mil nie tak der pilih2 kasih punya.. Even selalu dia datang lawat aku kat sini, Macam tu jugak kadang2 dia akan turun Sarawak untuk tempoh 3-5 hari untuk lawat menantu kat sana.. Mak mertua kita best in da world kan kak Nadia hehehe.....Untungkan kami (= Sila jangan cemburu..

Nah atas ehsan aku, aku snap gambar makanan yang mil aku bawak untuk lelehkan air liur korang.. hehehehehe (= 

Nasi ada... Manjakan aku!
Sambal udang yang selalu aku igaukan (=
Kari ayam yang baik punyaaaaaaa (=
Laksa dan telur 2 biji. Laksa tu mil aku gerudi sendiri ok!!
Kuah laksa haruslah ada!!!!
p/s: Sila telan air liur yea...(= TERIMA KASIH MY MOTHER IN LAW (MIL)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pilihanraya 2011 - Parlimen akan dibubarkan

SPR = Suruhanjaya PilihanRaya
Agak-agak korang bila parlimen nak bubar eh?
Piihanraya tu macammana eh..
ooooo... kena mengundi...

Dulu kecik-kecik kalau sebut pilihanraya
Aku cuma ingat 

KEMPEN - Waaa.... meriah kampung.. sana2 sini ada orang gantung2 gambar orang yang tak pernah aku kenal. Nak kata artis tak penah tgk pun.. Lantak la situ janji tak kacau aku...

JANJI - Dalam Berita asyik2 cerita pasal janji.. Pembaca berita akan sebut Dato blablabla.. Turun padang blablabla.. Berjanji blablabla.. Sungguh aku tak tau kenapa orang suka berjanji bila tiba masa pilihanraya.

MAKAN FREE - Kat balairaya kampung leh pegi makan free sebab ada wakil rakyat datang mak kata.. Bukan selalu nie. Jarang2

DUIT POKET - Adik lelaki aku macam mewah jer tetiba.. Bila malam tak der. Aku dengar mak tanya dia kata pegi gantung bendera dapat duit...O... bukan susah bila dah besar nak cari duit.. Gantung bendera pun leh dapat duit..

ROMBONGAN - Opah tetiba selalu ada orang datang amik dia bawak pegi rombongan. Aku pun tak faham kenapa. Dah tu dia balik cerita dapat duit.. Seronok kan.. (=


Sekarang aku dah fahammmmmmmmmmmmm.. Korang pun faham kan.. Tak payah aku merepek panjang2 kan...

Aku tak penah lagipun mengundi...
Dah lepas satu musim...
Iye aku tau tu tanggungjawab
Aku faham
Aku dah daftar pun
Tu tandanya aku dah ada kesedaran kan

Tapi belum pasti lagi aku akan pegi mengundi
Mana boleh..
Tu hak aku.
Aku yang kena tentukan sape yang aku nak jadi pemimpin kan

Jangan ketawa eh.
Nak undi Kak Limah lahhh (=
Kalau sebab kurang satu undi dari aku
Pemimpin yang aku nak

Penah dengar " Takder 5 sen tak kan jadi nilai 10 sen"!
Korang fikir-fikirkanlah
Korang nie dah daftar mengundi ke belum??

p/ss:Agak2 entry nie dikategorikankan sebagai politik tak?? Takuttttttttttttttt (=

Sakit dan ditinggalkan suami )=

Aku sedang sakit..
Tak teruk.. Demam..
Demam kan sejenis penyakit..

Mr Hubby??
Aah dia dah tinggalkan aku..
Ish..bukan tinggal macam tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..
Dia pegi penang..

Bff dia tawin..
Congratss to abg erin ngan kak Shu (=
Semoga u guys akan hidup berdua sampai ujung nyawa..

Nape aku tak ikut??
Mr Hubby tak bagi.
Orang laki jer katanya.
Haishhh... Terluka jer rasanya!
Tapi dia kata dia akan bawak time kat Semenyih nanti.
Tapi tarikh tu sama ngan ofismate aku pny wedd..

Tak decide lagi nak pegi yang mana.
Silap-silap dua2 aku tak pegi.
Tapi dua2 yang nak kawin nie datang kenduri aku!
Kenduri di Selinsing!
ouwhhh.. Thank u guys... (=

Sungguh!! Tak tipu!! They were there!!

See abg Erin was there on 04062010

Haaaa.. 05062010 kami sanding pun diaorang ada..
Corp. Comm pun ada ok!! Tetamu jauh dari Kay Ell nieh!!
My sweeties.. they were there on my nikah day ok!!

Tengok!! Pegi outdoor pun diaorang ada!!
Memang mr Hubby punya BFF kan (=
Nie dekat Kuala Selangor punya wedding..Pun ada!! They were awsome!! SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU KAK SHU N ABG ERIN 151011 must be such a meaningful date for Kak Shu as her wedd day on her birthday!!HEPY BIRTHDAY KAK SHU !!!!

ok. Tu aje nak cerita (=
Sila jangan naik meluat eh..

p/s: Korang: Kejamnya suami dia.. wife sakit bukan nak jaga..
                      Pegi kenduri lak
       Aku: No lahhh.. Mr Hubby tak tau aku demam time dia gerak..
                Aku tanak dia cancel lak.. Dah dia sampai penang baru
                bagi tahu..hakhakhak.. aku membuat dia kerisauan...
       Korang: Dia nie saja nak tunjuk gambar kawin ke apa?????
       Aku: Aku punya suka la!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

BANTULAH BELIAU - Pameran Dan Jualan Amal Koleksi KaryaSeni Kartunis Fatah Ngah

Aku bukan orang senang..
Aku tak mampu nak bantu dari segi kewangan..
Tapi aku akan cuba bantu dengan cara aku..
Aku ada blog dan aku akan bercerita dengan blog aku..

Seorang kartunis dari majalah yang sangatlah aku suka baca di zaman kanak2 aku. DAN aku percaya sehingga sekarang majalah nie masih ada tempat di hati pembacanya.

Iya.. beliau adalah kartunis majalah gila-gila.. Kalau korang pernah baca majalah gila-gila mesti tahu pasal kartun LAGAK A MAHMUD kan.. Iya.. beliaulah pelukis watak2 Lagak A Mahmud itu..

Kalau suatu masa dahulu beliau galak menggeletek hati kita dengan lukisan2 beliau dengan kartun2 beliau, tak salah rasanya hari ini kita sama-sama membantu beliau.. Membantu setakat yang mampu. Bantulah walau hanya dengan memanjangkan mengenai majlis amal ini.

Majlis amal ini bertujuan membantu kos rawatan dan perubatan serta kos sara hidup beliau yang kini menghidapi penyakit saraf dan kini hanya bergantung pada kerusi roda untuk bergerak.

"Orang ramai dijemput hadir ke Pameran dan Jualan Amal Koleksi KaryaSeni Kartunis Fatah Ngah pada 21-30 Oktober 2011, dari pukul 9.00 pagi - 7.00 malam bertempat di Laman Wau, Kompleks Kraf Kuala Lumpur. Untuk makluman Fatah Ngah merupakan pelukis kartun yang popular menerusi Lagak A Mahmud dalam Majalah Gila-Gila. Sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi Bahagian Komunikasi Korporat Kraftangan Malaysia di 03-2161 3793"

p/s: Macam nak menitis air mata tengok video beliau.. Lagi2 mengenangkan kartun2 beliau yang selalu buat kita ketawa suatu ketika dulu... (= Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku.. Kau sembuhkanlah hambaMu itu.. Sesungguhnya Kau yang maha berkuasa..
Sangat tabik spring pada kawan2 beliau yang bersungguh2 bersatu padu untuk membantu beliau.. Hanya Allah yang mampu membalas jasa kalian (=

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Tadi lepas buat tips pasal seks
Pegi Dashboard.. nak tengok update dari blogger yang aku follow..
Pastu terpikat ngan satu tajuk..


Dah nama pun terpikat kan.. mesti la buka..

Baca.. macam minat nak masuk..
Macam teringin..

Cari2 gambar yang ada..


Mangsanya adik perempuan terakhir dan adik lelaki bongsu
Tema dia emotions.. Tak susah kan..
Limited 300 gambar jer..

So kena cepat
Terus upload

Siap upload terus tag kawan2..(Ahh tak malunya aku.....!)
Tak per.. Bukan selalu kan.

Siap tag terus masuk blog..

Nak citer kat korang la..(Naik raih undi sebenarnya..hahahahaha)
Kalau rajin LIKE GAMBAR KAT PAGE NIE yea!!


Fakta Hangat Mengenai Seks part II (=

Jom kita sambung kongsi ilmu pasal seks nie yea sayang2...*haishhh isu seks jer nak manja2..perlu ker??hehhehe*

15. Satu kajian mendapati, senaman yang dilakukan 20 minit sebelum hubungan asmara mampu meningkatkan respon seksual kamu (alamak kalau malas senammmm.....)

16. Ambil masa untuk menyelami perasaan kamu sendiri - ia boleh membantu kamu di kamar tidur. Wanita denggan kepintaran emosi yang tinggi mengalami lebih banyak klimaks..(tanak komen lehh (=

17. Jika suamimu "berisi", minta si dia turunkan berat badan. Bagi setiap 15kg yang turun, alat kelaminnya "jadi" satu inci lebih panjang.. (uish kalau suami kurus cam ne lak???aishhhhhh)

18. Wanita sepuluh kali lebih sensitif kepada sentuhan berbanding lelaki. Jadi sebelum aksi bermula, minta suami menyentuh kamu di seluruh tubuh terlebih dahulu..(ish comel la tips nie kan....ngehngehngeh (=

19. Satu dari tiga wanita pernah mengalami tempoh dalam hidup mereka  di mana mereka langsung tak ada nafsu untuk lakukan seks..(gulpp!!tetiba takuttttt)

20. Janin beri respon ketika ibuya sedang "bersama" ayah. Ia boleh kesan perubahan tekanan darah dan kadar degupan jantung, serta merasakan keterujaan yang tidak bersifat seksual..(Bila la agaknya my janin nak rasa eh...hurrrmmmm...)

21. Bila wanita mencapai klimaks kawasan dalam otak yang berkait rapat dengan ketakutan "dipadamkan".. (xcited sangat kot..heheheh)

22. Lebih kurang satu per tiga mengatakan hubungan seks lebih hebat ketika sedang bercuti.. (Haruslah kan..dah nama pun CUTI...hehehe)

23. Dengan memakai kasut bertumit dua inci, ia boleh memperbaiki otot-otot pelvis di mana ia dapat membantu kamu mencapai klimaks ketika berasmara.(So lepas nie beli high heels banyak2 ok..hehehee)

24. Pakar mengatakan hubungan seks yang kerap boleh membantu mengurangkan migrain..( Oo.. nie ubat migrain rupanya.. untuk yang dah kahwin je okkkk!)

25. Hubungan seks selama 30 minit membantu membakar lebih kurang 85 atau lebih kalori..( Tak payah bersenam la camni kan...hehehe)

26. Wanita yang berkerja separuh masa lebih kenikamatan dari wanita yang berkerja sepenuh masa. (Alamak nak kena benti keje la cenggini (=

27. Kamu boleh raih rasa teruja hanya dengan mengurut suami. Hujung jari dan tapak tangan adalah bahagian yang paling sensitif. (Maknanya sama-sama suka kena urut la nie (=

28. Sebanyak 36 peratus orang di bawah umur 35 tahun pergi ke Facebook atau twitter atau menghantar SMS selepas melakukan seks.(hahahahah xpenah buat ok!)

29. Secara fizikal, lelaki dan wanita perlukan masa yang sama untuk dirangsang iaitu 11hingga 12 minit. (Haaaa.. kan dah kata.sama jer(=

30. Sesetengah wanita boleh mencapai klimaks hanya dari rangsangan payudara. Justeru minta suami luangkan lebih masa "di sana" (Bahaya nie...cian pasangannya kan..(=

Ok... inlah sahaja tips2 info2 yang boleh aku share untuk kali nie.. Kalau ada lagi nanti aku buat baru eh.. JANJI... (=

10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Japan, this may be your chance.
In a desperate attempt to lure tourists back to a country plagued by radiation fears and constant earthquakes, the Japan Tourism Agency‘s proposed an unprecedented campaign – 10,000 free roundtrip tickets.
The catch is, you need to publicize your trip on blogs and social media sites.

The number of foreign visitors to Japan has dropped drastically, since a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami triggered a nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Power plant in March. Nearly 20,000 people have been confirmed dead, while more than 80,000 remain displaced because of radiation concerns. In the first three months following the triple disasters, the number of foreign visitors to Japan was cut in half, compared with the same time in 2010. The strong Japanese currency has made matters worse.

The tourism agency says it plans to open a website to solicit applicants interested in the free tickets. Would- be visitors will have to detail in writing their travel plans in Japan, and explain what they hope to get out of the trip. Successful applicants would pay for their own accommodation and meals. They would also be required to write a review their travel experiences, and post it online.

“We are hoping to get highly influential blogger-types, and others who can spread the word that Japan is a safe place to visit,” said Kazuyoshi Sato, with the agency.

The agency has requested more than a billion yen to pay for the tourism blitz. If lawmakers approve the funding, Sato says visitors could begin signing up as early as next April.

Nak pegi sini pun boleh (=

p/s: So apa lagi.. Sesape yang ada pasang niat nak ke negara Matahari Terbit tu tulis la article nape nak ke sana eh... Mana tau rezeki...*Kalau dia kata dia support sumer memang aku join dah...hehehehe.. Memandangkan tambang sahaja yang dia tanggung terus cancel. Sharing ngan kawan2 je (=*

Nah aku kasi sikit info pasal tempat2 menarik kat Jepun ok (=
  • Kyoto, site of the ancient government and religious capital
  • Ryoanji, world famous sand garden— the essence of Zen
  • The power of reality (a de-programming experience)
  • The arc of energy - a transpersonal meditation
  • Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion, steeped in history and mystery
  • Nijo Castle of Shogun Tokugawa, with the “nightingale floor” designed to warn of ninja assassins
  • Nara's Naikan Center, where you may meet one of Dan's foremost mentors, then practice a unique form of self-reflection
  • Zen meditation in temples steeped in sacred traditions