Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pack day

Hi peeps!! 
Yup, quite busy today.. DSS in the house.. as usual, he manage an appointment, then i have to look out for his people. Some in here some in there.. 

Owh today i met Dato' Mohamed Izat Emir.. waaa...who is he? He is one of the Muslim entrepreneur that success nowadays.. He own his company named Emir Holdings Sdn Bhd. In person, he is such a humble and proactive person. 

A little bit about him, EMIR ENTERPRISES SDN BHD, incorporated in 1968, took full advantage of the rapid economic development of the country. Started from a humble beginning, EMIR ENTERPRISES SDN BHD obtained exclusive agency representation from reputed manufacturers of the equipment and parts industry. The areas of business include construction, building materials, engineering industries and various elite projects. EMIR ENTERPRISES SDN BHD involvement ranges from the client to contractors and sub-contractors, and involvement through direct, made possible with the state of the art technology transfer in joint ventures and privatisation exercises. 

See... owhh how i respect this kind of person. Malay man! Insyaallah one day, its gonna be me! ahaksss!!!

That's it.
till then, 

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