Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh My English!

excuse me..


Start from now on, every time after i write my new entry..
i'm gonna write another new entry in english.
Yeahh...what the hell that im doing??
Well this is my blog isn't?
So i can do whatever i wanna do..

YOU!! YOU!! and YOU

you wanna laughing at me?
go on people.. i dont care...
i get the benefit u get the shit..hahahahha..

Actually since im here..working here...
i think..i think..
my english language become worst...worst...WORST..
im not saying that my english before was superb but at least i still can understand some word..
and i can speak also..

everyday i HAVE to speak in english, everyday i MUST doing my job in english..
well i bet, if u ever working in private sector then u gonna understand what i mean..
im not saying that i feel stupid when i speak malay..hahahha..

it just people are rarely practic an english language in govt sector..
maybe because majority of the staf is malay??
or maybe im just a lower grade staff?
i dont know.. i guess so..then correct me if i was wrong (=
what say you?

ok..thats it for today..
gonna continue on next entry..
*chill ya*

p/s: pak cik guard next to me talking nonstop...hahahaha...its ok for me..i love talking with pakcik makcik rather talking withhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............

Till then
Love *susayangzaki*


  1. Walaweiii... Speaking!!! mcm ne nk komen ni... Tak paham nie... Hahahha oh my english ♥♥

    1. hahaha....xpe..pelan2..jom buat mcm nie!!