Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dear mr hubby

Dear mr hubby..
tomorrow i'm gonna leave u for 3 days..
3 days ok!
3 days mean 2 night!
2 night means no hug and kisses from you for 2 night..

every night you the one who gonna put a blanket on me..
every night you the one who gonna kiss me..
so for this two night im gonna miss u sayang..

take a good care of yourself!
take care of your food!
keep in touch!
keep on sms mms me!
before 1am you must go to sleep! gonna miss to sleep on your warm arm....
on your warm hugs...


had course! interpersonal communication! at JB - KSL hotel & Resort!

12-14 October 2012!

already survey on this hotel, ON WEBSITE THEY PROMOTE THAT:

"We assure you that at KSL Hotel & Resort, you shall enjoy every moment of your stay where numerous well known food and beverage outlets, fashion boutique, game arcade, cineplex, Hypermarket and water theme park could be access, all under one roof."

Ok we'll see!

Baby, im still gonna miss you even i have a chance to shopping there!

p/s.. so jiwang2!of cos la tonight kan malam jumaat!

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