Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Friday peeps!!

Today is friday...
oh Allah!
I love friday...

Well a lazy person like me don't need a reason to love friday.
for me people who love monday is weird!
Unless u in terengganu kedah kelantan or perlis,
then i bet u gonna love thursday isn't??

Tonight gonna have a journey to the west..(=
ok joking.
going back to hometown tonight..

Can't wait!!
to see mak
to see  abah
to see opah
to see adik pit
to see adik mi
to "see" him )':
last but not least

can't wait can't wait!!

my lovely aida fayyadah is getting married tomorrow..will "akad" today!!
to her: congratulation dear!!so hepy for u...
may both of u happy till jannah!

p/s: ok i know that im using a broken english and im sure some of u happy laughing at me rite now..its ok. keep laughing. i don't mind. no heart feeling :P

Till then,
Love *susayangzaki*


  1. to "see" him )': spe tu???
    btwy selamt pulang ke hometown ok... Hati2..

  2. ooo..ok... aku doakn dr sini jerr...